Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sponsoring Terrorism

Keep in mind that every time you put gas in your car, you are putting more money in the pockets of Muslim States. And they are taking your money and sponsoring more terrorism around the world. That’s a fact.

Example: All 19 highjackers were Saudi citizens. Saudi Arabia sponsored the 9\11 attacks, but where did they get all their money?? From us--from all the oil we buy from them!! Where did the Bin Laden family get all their millions from so that Osama could carryout and fund all the terrorism he has?? They got their fortune from the only place anyone in Saudi Arabia gets money: From us buying their oil!! In a real sense we funded these terrorists to attack our own nation!!

If there was any reason to find an alternative to oil, this is it. Send these Muslim nations back to the Stone Age by refusing to purchase their oil. If there was any justification for occupying Muslim nations and taking their oil from them by force this is it: To end their ability to sponsor Islamic terrorism.


donsands said...

Here's some good thinking on this whole problem:

If Gingrich is right, and I think he is, then the leaders in America could have this nation energy self-sufficient, and that would be nice. Not to mention the prices would come down, so my business would be more profitable.

I don't have all the answers to this stuff, but when Nancy Pelosi says she's not going to harm Mother Earth with drilling, that sure says a lot to me of her stubborness to not help the people in this nation. When she wants a 100,000,000 dollars for her State to keep a marsh mouse alive, that says a lot as well.

We have wacky leaders. I think they're more these wackos then normal humans who simply love God's earth:

Litl-Luther said...

Don, I agree: We have a bunch of wackos running our government. I'll check out the links you provided when I have time. I need to head to church soon. The Maoists said from August 9th (today!) they would be starting some seriously disruptive (and violent) street protests. It hasn't started yet at 8:10am, but it might start later today, and they are saying it will go on indefinitely until they get their way in government.

But regarding this post, I see little difference between buying "conflict diamonds" from Africa or buying "oil" from Muslim nations. In both cases much of the money they receive is used to butcher people. I wish the United States would wash their hands to the middle east and drill for our own oil, or use our vast reserves of coal or create more nuclear power plants or make electric cars and trucks...or that we are not dependent on Muslim nations and have to ally ourselves with them—with the very people who call our nation “Satan” and want to see all Christians and Jews wiped from the face of the earth. I wish we would wash our hands to the lot of them: close our borders to any more Islamic immigration; completely stop buying oil from Muslim nations who fund terrorism; crack down on any Muslim preachers in America who are preaching “Jihad”, etc.

Thanks for stopping by brother! I miss you, Don. I look forward to when we can sit down and talk face-to-face.