Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sponsoring Terrorism

Keep in mind that every time you put gas in your car, you are putting more money in the pockets of Muslim States. And they are taking your money and sponsoring more terrorism around the world. That’s a fact.

Example: All 19 highjackers were Saudi citizens. Saudi Arabia sponsored the 9\11 attacks, but where did they get all their money?? From us--from all the oil we buy from them!! Where did the Bin Laden family get all their millions from so that Osama could carryout and fund all the terrorism he has?? They got their fortune from the only place anyone in Saudi Arabia gets money: From us buying their oil!! In a real sense we funded these terrorists to attack our own nation!!

If there was any reason to find an alternative to oil, this is it. Send these Muslim nations back to the Stone Age by refusing to purchase their oil. If there was any justification for occupying Muslim nations and taking their oil from them by force this is it: To end their ability to sponsor Islamic terrorism.