Thursday, July 30, 2009

Islam is Taking Over the World!

The facts are indisputable. In just a few decades from now all of Europe will be Muslim! For example: Non-Muslim French people are having 1.8 babies on average, while the Muslims in France have 8.1 babies on average. Do the math. The Muslims will eventually take over. In fact, France will be a Muslim nation within 39 years. Moreover, in Belgium 25 percent of people are Muslim and 50% of all newborns are Muslim RIGHT NOW, and this number will only increase. Holland (where pot and prostitution is legal and barely anyone calls themselves a Christian anymore) will be 50% Muslim in just 15 years from now! What will happen in 25 years from now? The Netherlands may look like Iran. A place where girls ran around in shorts, women may have to wear burkas!
The same trend is true in Germany, England, Spain, Italy, all of Europe in fact. This is true of Russia as well, and Canada too, and even in the USA it looks like. The birth rates in all these nations are not enough to sustain our cultures. And I believe the fault lies with abortion. We have aborted 50+ million of our babies since Roe vs. Wade. This may be God's judgment on the West because of the sins of our nations. Example: There were only 100,000 Muslims in America before the "landmark" Roe vs. Wade decision. And in 2008 there were 9,000,000 Muslims in America. That is a 90-fold increase in less than four decades! Do the math and be horrified.
Fortunately there are still a lot of Christians in America, but that is not the case in Europe and the UK. For the most part those nations have rejected Jesus Christ, and there are consequences when nations reject Him. I believe we are seeing those consequences played out right now. Watch this video and see for yourself. You will be shocked and amazed. God help us and God help our nations!

Here's the video link:


donsands said...

That was interesting Triston, and a bit scary. Have you seen this DVD:

The devil surely will continue to wrestle agianst the people of Christ, but we Jesus on our side. Jesus will build His Church, and the devil and all the world will not prevail.

Throughout the history of the world, there have been seasons of awakenings, and I believe God is going to have a great awakening soon.
I'm no prophet, but I know the Lord will build His Temple, and dwell there within until the very last elect stone is placed to complete it.

Have a blessed day brother.

Litl-Luther said...

Thanks Don. I had not heard of the movie Obsession, but it looks like something I'd like to watch. I ordered it. Thanks for telling me about it bro.


donsands said...

Mike Shive had to watch it at NSA. And he encouraged us all to watch it, and he said every American should watch it.

Hearing the truth can be scary, but for us who have Christ as our Savior, God and Friend, we need not fear so much.

Have a blessed day Triston.

Litl-Luther said...

Hey Don,
If you haven't seen Obsession yet, I found a site where it says you can watch the whole movie online for free. Go Here

My internet connection is too slow to watch the whole thing online, but you probably could if you haven't seen it yet.

Litl-Luther said...

Here is another good video, "The Third Jihad", which reveals the intentions of demonic Islam.

donsands said...

I watched it Triston. And it wakes you up. Very well done, and it gives the facts and truth of this dark religion of Satan.

The scary, and upsetting part, is how they indoctrinate the childrem to hate and even want to kill. Hard to watch that part brother.

Yet I wish every person in the free world would watch it.

IMO said...

Actually the one and only UNIQUE GOD is not punishing the geographical nations by spread Islam ,GOD is having mercy by guiding people to the true religion and that's ISLAM .If you loose your arrogance and pride GOD will surely guide you to the straight path.May GOD guide you.aameen

Anonymous said...

ISLAM is the DEVILS religion!

IMO said...

this comments and articles is all ways of turning people away from the real Religion ,and thats Islam.The only thing you know about Islam is what you see on the media.Make research ,read the Quraan and you'll find real Islam.Islam is not the Devil's religion ,actually you're influenced by the devil to make that comment.

Anonymous said...

You should all show more tolereance to islam, all religions have their faults and inequalities