Friday, June 13, 2008

Samuel Paul Dyer

We had the great privilege of welcoming our son, Samuel Paul Dyer, into the world on June 9th 2008 at 7:29 a.m. here in Kathmandu. Though he came 20 days early, he nevertheless weighed 3.95 kg (About 8.7 pounds)! Both mother and child are doing wonderfully. God is so good to us. We have so much to praise Him for. Jaya and I, as well as our daughter Mary, are filled with inexpressible joy at the arrival of our precious son Samuel, and like Hannah, we have happily offered him back to the Lord.


Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

The third one is an expression you might want to get used to - he'll use it again when he's a bit older and frustrated with you - it will be the "oh, my dad is up to it AGAIN!" expression!

He is quite wonderful - how is Jaya? Did all the swelling start to go down? Is she healing ok? Make sure to keep an eye out for fever with her, ok?

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, How wonderful! Wonderful pics, too. Hope Jaya is doing well.

donsands said...


You now are in another world of blessing and joy! And another world of hard work, and frustration.
But the joy shall out weigh the struggles you must endure.
Samuel is part of you, his dad, my brother. And part of Jaya, his mom.
He will grow and bring you great joy. Just his smile, and learning to talk and walk will be joys you will never forget.
The lord is also infused in all of this with you, and that's waht makes it so awesome; having Jesus sovereign in your hearts, and lives!

BTW, Triston, Johnny was wanted to send you some literature in the Nepali language, or perhaps the Newari tongue. We were thinking of checking with RC Sproul, and see if he had some materials available.
What would be the language we need to ask Dr. Sproul, if he has such material for Nepal?
Thanks bro. And thanks for the prayers. We have picked up, and have been finding our way out of the financial hole we fell into.

All for the Gospel,

Litl-Luther said...

Susan: Jaya's doing great! Thanks for asking.

Ted: Thanks bro!

Don: You are always the encourager, brother. Thank you! ...Nepali is the only language you would want to get materials in. For example, though both Jaya and Anita are Newar and studied through college, neither can read in the Newari language. Nepali is really the only useful language, which all the schools use. That would be great is Sproul has something in Nepalese.


Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

Time for new pictures daddy!

Litl-Luther said...

Susan: Sorry for my tardiness. I just uploaded more pictures of Samuel.